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Tousek drives gate. Tousek is a perfect combination of modern design, reliability and power. We equip your gates with the most innovative and fault-free drives that are designed on the basis of new advances in automatic gate technology and access security.

Automation for sliding gates Tousek - PULL T series
T5, T8, T10, T15, T20
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Automation for swing gates Tousek - SWING X series
X3, X3 LH, X4, X4 LH, X5 LH, for all types of 1 and 2-leaf gates
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Automation for swing gates Tousek - SLIM series
SLIM SLR, SLIM CLR for 1 or 2-way gates, for private use
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Automation Tousek for industrial gates TPS 20 series
TPS 20, TPS 20N, TPS 20 PRO, drive the heaviest gates weighing up to 2000 kg, high intensity of use
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Safety Edges
The most effective protection against the potential danger of the automatic gate
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Tousek Access Control
Key switches, coded locks, GSM module, EWS access control system
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