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About us

Solid is manufacturing company, which is specialized in producing gates, fences and access control and security. We design the highest European quality systems according to customer requirements and needs. Every day our engineers work on solutions to satisfy customers from all over the world. We are very flexible, we could adapt standard products to bespoke needs. All our products are tested before leaving production. Quality in every detail is not just a slogan in our factory.

About our engineers Our engineers are our strongest advantage. We produce security equipment and develop bespoke solutions. All our engineers are experienced and best skilled.  We develop high end security and access control solution. Our quality is checked in every stage of production. We offer electrical and mechanical project design, assembly and construction and guarantee service. We produce various types of products which meets our customers requirements. We develop electronics, construction, mechatronics, hydraulics and pneumatics.  

Customization process 

  • We identify our customer need, than we work on solution and prepare drawings of the design
  • Drawings are checked and approved by all members of team to ensure the highest quality at each stage
  • CAD drawings we be issued for customer approval
  • When drawings are approved, the process of production begin
  • Product will be pre-assembled before surface protection process, and it will be also checked according to internal testing procedures
  • Successful testing allows to proceed surface protection treatment such as hot dip galvanization (ISO EN 1461) and powder coating in DUPLEX system
  • After surface treatment process, products will be assembled again and tested acc. to European safety norms.
  • Successful process allows to deliver products to customer
  • We design the packaging systems
  • Most of our products are possible to deliver full assembled in standing position, ready to lift up and just anchor to the foundation


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